So, what CAN you eat?…Review of Wheat Belly

I hope the following will help you feel not so overwhelmed.

normandy 0 honor mntn
…that is how I was feeling when I kept getting further in “Wheat Belly” book.

So, for right now we’re just doing wheat. For me it’s not too scary. I did it for years.
You learn to COOK things with GF oat flour and other very imaginative flours. Ever heard of Chestnut Flour. How about Almond Flour.  YUM!
It’s almost impossible to eat fast food unless you willing to just eat the hamburger. It can be put between two chick-fil-A fries for buns!
Wheat IS in just about everything, but there is A LOT now in the health food section that is gluten/wheat free. The author warns against eating the gluten free foods that are made with starches. I’m finding there’s a happy medium. And anyway, no starch can be as bad as a candy bar which has a lower glycemic index than GM (genetically modified) wheat.
This author also wants you to stay away from beans, rice, potatoes, corn soy. They are either carbs that turn to sugar easily or they are genetically modified (corn/soy).
So, we’ve started with just the wheat. I also want to stay away from high fructose CORN syrup. Read an article that it kills bees even in tiny amounts because of the pesticides on the corn.
So, tacos are OK. Soups are good, but READ labels.
Grilled chicken at most restaurant is good.
Applebee’s has a gluten-free menu you can ask for!
Wendy’s has their chili, baked potatoes.
You can buy two egg mcMuffins, take off all 4 halves of the english muffin and put the eggs in the middle of the canadian bacon!
breaded anything can be made with corn flakes smashed up well or with potato flakes.
For cereal, I am SOOOO addicted to Rice Chex with cinn & apples!
Meatloaf can be made with corn flakes and/or oatmeal.
There are breads at Publix and Kroger in the health section that are good. Most of the time they are best toasted.
The Brown Rice bread toasted with peanutbutter is great.
Carry around Granola Oat bars in your car, so if you get hungry, you won’t be tempted to cheat.
It’s kind of scary to make such a drastic change since wheat is soooo prolific, but if you’re serious about not putting that poison in your body, you’ll find a way.
You don’t have to go cold turkey if its too overwhelming, go slow. If you go to subway, have them scoop out most of the inside of the bread.
If you’re overwhelmed and hungry and your only choice is mcdonalds, go ahead and get what you want, maybe take the top of the bun off.

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