I think I want to go to Australia with Alexander…until I do, lets learn about wheat substitutions

…some days, even with my food resources I’m having trouble finding things to eat. Feeling sorry for myself, but know that eating wheat is not the answer, so I’m wallowing in peanut butter toast (brown rice bread).

But, I’m here today to five you wheat substitutes and their equivalencies.  I think I’m going to have pancakes for dinner. Yeah, that sounds good!

Wheat Substitutions – 1 Cup of wheat = …

* 1 cup corn flour

3/4 cup course cornmeal

1 scant cup fine cornmeal

5/8 cup (10 Tbsps) potato starch flour

7/8 cup (14 Tbsps) rice flour

3/4 cup soybean flour plus 1/4 cup potato starch flour

3/4 cup **flour substitute 🙂



2 parts brown or white RICE flour     /    8 cups

2/3 part potato starch flour               /     2 2/3 cups

1/3 part tapioca flour                        /     1 1/3 cups

Smoosh them all up in a container with a tight fitting lid. Yes, smoosh is a word because I use it all the time!

Now how to convert wheat recipes using the different above-mentioned flours:

* use flour substitute or any of the other flours

* add an extra egg or two

* xantham gum for leavening (about 1/2 t)

* watch cooking times. They will vary depending on your oven and the recipe

* reduce oven temp by 25 degrees

NOTE: raw dough will be heavier than you are used to when making the wheat version.


This tidbit came from The Wheat Belly Cookbook

I have not used this technique with the STARCHY flours Dr. Davis hates, but I thought I’d give you the idea. I’ll let you know the next time I bake, to try this and let you know…

EGGS when baking with Alternative Flours
Separate eggs and beat the egg whites with cream of tartar (1/4t per 2 egg whites) until soft peaks form. (hmmmm isn’t this meringue?) Then fold them into the batter along with the yolks. This will add body and height.

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