Pumpkin Bread review


Yesterday I decided to make the Pumpkin Bread recipe in this book.
It’s okay, not very sweet, but I know I need to get used to eating less sweet foods.
I am not blogging today to dis this pumpkin bread, but to give advise on how to make it less crumbly and a little less dense.

I haven’t tried my own ideas on this recipe, but from past experience I believe if you add an egg it will help a LOT with the density and crumbly-ness of this bread. I’m sure the reason an egg wasn’t in the recipe ingredients because this cookbook is ALLERGY-FREE baking. I don’t have a problem with eggs.

If you cannot eat eggs, maybe adding 1/2 a cup of zucchini would help give the bread more moisture. I cannot wait to try this recipe again and see which of my ideas works. But, sadly, I just may add an egg AND zucchini at the same time and I know I’ll increase the xanthan gum. 🙂

I was also wondering if adding more xanthan gum would help. It calls for 3/4t of xanthan gum. Maybe increasing the xanthan gum to 1 – 1 1/2 teaspoons would help with the density.

I also like my mini dk. chocolate chips in this recipe! HMMMMMM.


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