More GMO information from Blue Ribbon Foods

The title of the article is GMO’s – Pros and Cons. This article is written by Dr. Keith Kantor,gmos-pros-and-cons Sc.D, PhD and you can find it at Blue Ribbon Foods.

Dr. Kantor has been an advocate of natural food and healthy living for 27 years.  In 1994 he was appointed CEO of Service Foods, Inc., the largest all natural food company of its kind in the United States.


GMO’s are microorganisms, plants, and animals that have their genes altered. Usually they are modified either to further scientific research or to alter the food supply. Common genetic modifications include: adding antibacterial genes to plants, introducing genes that make the organism bigger or hardier, making new foods by adding genes from existing foods, and adding animals genes to plants and vice versa.

Most American crops are now genetically modified and the percentage of GMO’s in our food supply is growing extremely rapidly. Products that are genetically modified do not have to be labeled as such.

Check out the rest of the article at the above link and while you’re there check out the rest of their site.

This is not a paid advertisement. I came across this company at the Atlanta Gluten Free Expo at the beginning of May 2013.


Did You Know — do you care :)

updated: June 8, 2013

iris close up_3230

The following is a list that I will continually add items to over time.

1. Basamati rice has the lowest glycemic index of rice

2. Bananas. You can slow down how fast they ripen by covering the end where the bananas are connected with plastic wrap. Totally cover the end and make sure as little air as possible gets to the ends. It REALLY works!

3. If you add acid — tomatoes, vinegar, citrus — while cooking beans, it’ll take forever for them to cook. AND    Salt at the end, just before serving. Beans will turn into rocks and never soften if you salt early. Trust me on this one.

GF rice krispies4.  Kellogg’s Rice Krispies in the traditional blue box contains GLUTEN 😦  The malt flavoring is derived from barley. The good news: They have a YELLOW box that is gluten free. Yeah! I can have rice krispie treats without getting glutened!
I must say I’m having trouble finding gluten free Rice Krispies. I called Kellogg’s and they told me who actually carries their product where I live. You also can call 1-800-962-1413.  The ONLY place where I live that carries the GF Rice Krispies is Rite-Aid. Color me surprised. I fully intend to call my favorite local grocery chain and ask them to carry it also. If you want to do this, I was given the package # 3800055019 to make it easier to order. ENJOY!

5.  Sugar usually comes from can, and cane is a form of grass, which is related to wheat 😦playdoh

6.  In a nutshell, celiac is simply a reaction to a food. Oh really! How many of you have had any reactions to foods!!!!!

7. SHOCKER: Play-Doh contains wheat!

8.  If a recipe calls for a small amount of vegetables, pick some up at the supermarket salad bar–it’s cheaper than buying a whole package!

9. White vinegar is usually made from a gluten grain, BUT if it is distilled, the gluten is removed.

10. Malt vinegar is NOT distilled and is NOT gluten free.

If anyone has obscure facts to add to this list, please let me know 🙂

More info on Vinegar than you ever wanted to read!

oil_vinegar-lose-weightI saw a post the other day on Facebook and they were talking about what kind of vinegar to use in a particular recipe. I, of course, gave my 2 cents and didn’t think about it again until today. I have accumulated a LOT of recipes and “how to’s” over the years and I stumbled upon the following. Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt myself when I stumbled on the vinegar article 🙂

Vinegar Variety

Not very long ago it seemed there were no more than two kinds of vinegar: white and cider. For better or worse, the subject of vinegar has become more complex and therefore much more interesting.

Vinegars vary in strength of acidity: most are 5%. This measurement is usually listed on the label. If higher than 5%, use less vinegar than the amount called for in the recipe, tasting the dressing and adjusting for flavor.

Distilled white vinegar lacks the distinctive flavor of other vinegars. It is more often the choice for pickling than for making salad dressings. Hmmm, I use it to clean my kitchen sink.

Apple cider vinegar has a pungent flavor and is a good choice for dressing a salad including tomatoes.

Malt vinegar, with its assertive nutlike flavor and caramel color, is favored by lovers of fish and chips and can also be used in salads when a bold flavor is desired. Ahhh, this is the kind of vinegar Long John Silver’s offers 🙂

Wine vinegars (white, red, or even rose) are a good all-purpose choice for salad-making. In general, use white wine vinegar in a mayonnaise, red in a vinaigrette. Recently some elegant vinegars, much esteemed in nouvelle cuisine salads, have been arriving from France. They are costly but often exquisite. Look for Champaign vinegar, or white wine vinegars infused with such fruits as raspberries, blueberries, cherries, and strawberries.

Sherry wine vinegar boasts a bold, nut-like flavor. Its acidity may be as great at 7 percent, so it can be used with a light hand.

Herb vinegars are usually an infusion of herbs in white wine vinegar. Most familiar is tarragon wine vinegar, but you may also come upon such ready-made flavors as thyme, garlic, shallot, sage and oregano–or combinations.

Balsamic vinegar comes from Modena, Italy, and is aged in wooden barrels. This process gives it a rich, dark color and a heady flavor. It is more intense and complex than most vinegars and also somewhat higher in acidity (at least 6 percent).

Gluten Free in the Grocery Store–big names…

Betty Crocker logo used until 2003

Betty Crocker logo used until 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read in South Beach Diet Gluten Solution that many large companies like

Betty Crocker – there is a $200 sweepstakes going on now!
Boar’s Head – there’s a Gluten-Free guide (PDF) you can download
General Mills -General Mills has created for gluten-free products and gluten-free recipes.
General Mills sister site: Pillsbury. There are GF living links at the bottom of this web page.
Zatarains – this link is to a recipe link page.
Heinz – lists all their products; and there are a TON! They have GF parmesan pkts!
Just to name a few

I came across these web site:

Glutenista. It seems pretty comprehensive and user-friendly format 🙂 – this site has coupons, samples, newsletter & More! This site has Specials/Sales and New Products, Product Reviews

Gluten-free Trading Company.      Imagine a store where nothing is off limits.  A store where someone has already read all the labels and made all the calls.  A store where all of the food is gluten-free and Celiac-Safe™.  A store where you can choose anything you like and not have to worry.
Imagine a shop packed with the best gluten-free groceries from around the world.  Pasta from Italy.  Soup from England. English muffins from that little bakery in New Jersey.  Granolas and cookies, pretzels and snacks.  Cakes you can make in a minute or two.  And all gluten-free. This is the site for you! Barry Farm Foods is a lot like an old fashioned country store.

Happy shopping 🙂

South Beach Diet GLUTEN Solution review

south beach diet GLUTEN

I know you’ve been dying to find out how good South Beach Diet Gluten Solution is and how it compares to “Wheat Belly“.

Arthur Agatston believes you can determine your own level of gluten sensitivity. I’ve read through his three levels and they seem reasonable–except for the fact you cannot eat ANY grains or fruit for the first 2-3 weeks. He says it is to get the cravings for these foods out of your system before you start re-introducing offending foods back into your diet.

Dr. A’s approach is unique because he shows you how to become gluten aware. He explores the latest research to determine the real connection between gluten and health. Dr. Agatston is the medical director of Wellness and Prevention for Baptist Health South Florida and clinical professor of medicine at Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine.

I’ve talked to several people who believe that going “gluten-free” means losing weight and that’s why they’re trying it. If you just want to lose weight, this book is for you because South Beach Diet & it’s sister book, SBD Gluten Solution is about losing weight. Dr. A expects people to lose between 10-12 pounds in Phase I. I wouldn’t be surprised since you can’t eat much: no grains, no starches, no sugars including fruit and fruit juices and NO alcohol for 2 weeks.

Dr. A was amazed when he first put gluten intolerant patients on his diet. They felt so good they didn’t want to go on to Phase II and gradually reintroduce grains, healthy starches and most fruits.

I’m sure you’re wondering what you CAN eat in Phase I. Well, how about lean meats including bison, elk, ostrich and venison! Lunch meat like Boar’s Head, eggs, beans, veggies. I noticed Velveeta is not in the list–drats. Isn’t Velveeta a food group all on its own?

Dr. A, Like Dr. Davis from Wheat Belly, stated, “Just because it says gluten free doesn’t mean its good for you.” Dr. A’s list of good grains/starches include amaranth, buckwheat, bean, nut and seed flours. Starchy veggies: sweet potatoes, pumpkin, turnips, winter squash, carrots, peas, parsnips.

There’s a section on where gluten hides. Did you know that most flavored yogurts contain gluten fillers? Also on toilet paper rolls. Sometimes the glue is made from gluten 😦

Other hidden gluten sources include binder, thickener, emulsifier, edible starch, gum base, filler, modified food starch, triticale, rusk, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Here’s where Dr. A and Dr. Davis are the same but different in the reasons for staying away from wheat.

Dr. A: over refined wheat,
manufacturers adding more gluten in products,
adding gluten as a thickener in soups, sauces, etc.
portion sizes have increased
yeast isn’t allowed to rise and “pre-digest” gluten
foods loaded with preservatives
and use of antibiotics in human and animals we eat.

NSAIDS can damage our stomachs and just as likely to damage your small intestines. Antibiotics kill off friendly bacteria in intestines that help to digest gluten.

Dr. Davis: says the wheat of today is different from the wheat of 1960, thanks to extensive genetics manipulations introduced to increase yield-per-acre. He talks in his book about how scientists doubled the harvest of the original wheat stock to help with world hunger. But they didn’t stop there. Wheat, if I remember correctly, used to grow 4 feet tall, but with the weight of the doubled wheat heads, the stalks bent over making harvest tough. So, they went about modifying it’s chemical structure to grow shorter. Then shorter wasn’t enough–now it has to be resistant to the weather and pests and pesticides. That’s what you’re eating every morning in your Special K cereal!

There’s a section about Dining Out that seems pretty good. There’s also a section called Menu Savvy steering you clear of soups, sauces and marinades.

OH, did you know Basmati rice is lower on the glycemic index! I’m good. I’m good. I have basmati in my freezer!

Dr. A even gives a guide for various types of restaurants like Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Indian and Mexican. What is GF and what to avoid.

I will post gluten free apps and web sites on another post soon. Watch for it.

Then there is also a discussion on GF Travel basics. The GF Registry (iPhone App / Android $1.99) is a searchable database of more than 28,000 GF friendly business locations including bakeries, restaurant, caterers, grocers and more.

Outback Steakhouse has a GF menu!


South Beach Diet Gluten Solution’s premise:

gluten solution cookbookYou will understand what triggers your bloat or brain fog or joint pain and you will become gluten aware. Now, that’s a lifestyle–not a diet.

Dr.  Agalston’s Gluten Solution cookbook will be in stores (or at least online at Amazon in November 2013!

Can’t wait to review it!

Almond, Hazelnut and Raspberry Muffins

rasp muffins


Ripped from the pages of The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking.

So, here I go with my personal opinion. I rate them 7.5 stars out of 10. Why? you ask. Because when I first took a bite I did not respond with, “Oh my stars, these are AWESOME!”

BUT the more I ate the more I appreciated the subtle sweetness allowing the flavor of the fresh raspberries to shine through. (I’m a sugar-holic and it’s kinda hard to give up all that sweetness) 🙂

Do I feel good about eating the muffins because they are so healthy and really do taste good? 10 out of 10 stars! Hopefully, my diabetic husband won’t finish them off before they get to their hiding place in the freezer. For my husband, out of sight–out of mind 🙂

These muffins are not the cheapest things to bake (at least the first time). They require stevia/spenda–that’s not too bad, until you get to the almond and hazelnut flour and the liquid stevia ($13); then you’re talking money if you don’t have a grinder to turn the nuts into flour. Oh, yeah, I substituted chestnut flour (real Italian) for the hazelnut flour. Hazelnut’s coming from Bob’s Red Mill on Monday 🙂

So, my first foray into baking from The Joy…. is a hit! I’m going to have to get myself a grinder. Can anyone suggest one that they believe is very good.


Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner App!

shopwellThis is it! This is the Silver Tuna (Home Alone)

I wish I could check it out on Android and other apps, cut for iPhone, I couldn’t be happier at the grocery store.

At first today, I started with Is that Gluten Free? Bombed. No scanner and I didn’t have the patience to key in products.

Then I went to Foodducate: allergies. It has a scanner and had great information and kept me away from gluten, but I also wanted to stay away from high fructose corn syrup. It wasn’t in the profile to choose so I went to the next app in my arsenal–Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner by ShopWell. It scans quickly, finds gluten and high fructose corn syrup. I asked for health goals and preferences.

My only problem is that you have to sign in every time you want to use your profile to scan food. If you just want to scan, you can without signing in, but it isn’t specific to you.

10 Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

Thank you, Taylor, from Gluten Away for posting this article, ripped from the annals of!

I was surprised when the author, Dr. Amy Myers stated, tn_11266_10-symptoms-of-gluteran-intolerance-1365372514

I have found the single best ways to determine if you have an issue with gluten is to do an elimination diet and take it out of your diet for at least 2 to 3 weeks and then reintroduce it. Please note that gluten is a very large protein and it can take months and even years to clear from your system so the longer you can eliminate it from your diet before reintroducing it, the better.

Drats, once again a great doctor who believes in IBS, etc. and she’s in Austen, TX. I guess doctors are getting closer. The last one I found was in Seattle, Washington!

Tyson Chicken Nuggets and Tenders

Yippee! TysonGluten Free Nuggets is making GF products!

Ripped from their web site:

It’s a fact:  Kids love Chicken Nuggets and Crispy Chicken Strips.  Now every kid can love them with new Tyson Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets and Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Strips.  They’re still crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, with the same great taste that kids love.  And they’re made with all white meat chicken and 100% all natural ingredients* so there’s plenty for moms to love, too.

Can’t wait to try them out!

Simply Gluten Free Magazine Article Review

This article is from the May/June 2013 issue.

DrWangenPressCould It Be Gluten? Your Body’s Many Reactions
                                        by Dr. Stephen Wangen

Dr. Wengen’s article woke me up to how far-reaching gluten sensitivity is. I’ve been eating wheat-free but am going to start making sure the products I purchase are gluten-free.

Gluten sensitivity comes in all shapes and sizes. Dr. Wangen makes it clear that gluten sensitivity isn’t a one-size-fits-all set of symptoms. He states, “with or without celiac disease, it’s clear that gluten sensitivity is associated with all kinds of health problems. Got fatigue? Brain fog? Insomnia? Poor recovery from exercise? Poor endurance? All can be due to gluten sensitivity.”

Behavioral and psychological problems can also be related to gluten sensitivity. If you’ve read Wheat Belly you learned that doctors had amazing results when they fed a wheat free diet to schizophrenics. Many people report that depression or anxiety fall away once they stop eating gluten. I have to interrupt here to say that “I” have had an amazing reduction of anxiety since going wheat free. It’s sooooo wonderful. My mind is clearer. Still have foggy days, but it is wonderful to feel I have my mind back!

Okay, back to the review….People have noticed dramatic changes in their children who once had ADD, irritability, poor grades, poor social skills, and even autism!

Now, Dr. Wangen talks about digestive issues? Hmmmmm! IBS, anyone heard of it. If you have, if you have it, you are definitely familiar with it’s symptoms and issues: abdominal pain, gas, reflux, heartburn, nausea, etc. He even goes so far as to include autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Lupus, Sjogren’s, and Scleroderma. He wrote, “[a]nyone with any autoimmune condition should strongly consider the possibility that gluten is a trigger.

Dr. Wangen isn’t saying that every little headache, migraine, asthma, irregular menstrual cycle is caused by a gluten sensitivity; BUT, it sure couldn’t hurt to find out. “What if you don’t have any symptoms at all? Still think you can’t be gluten sensitive? Remember, even many celiacs don’t experience any obvious reaction to gluten…[but] gluten is still causing harm.

The bottom line? Gluten sensitivity can literally be connected to nearly all health problems. Whether or not your doctor agrees does not change this. In fact, even if all of your lab work is negative, you should still consider the possibility. The results may be truly remarkable.”

Going off gluten isn’t a piece of cake. It does require commitment even when you’re just “trying it out”. I have a family member who “tried” going gluten free for a few days and didn’t feel any different and gave it up. It took my husband’s blood glucose numbers to get down into the low 100s three weeks. You cannot go gluten free half way. You might as well not do it at all if you sneak in a burger at McDonalds (I’m hungry. I didn’t feel any different after I ate the burger.) My husband’s said this but he is totally aware what wheat does to his glucose levels. My recommendation, and I’m no expert, is to go wheat free for at least a month. It will cost you time and money to do this; but isn’t the end result if you have seen amazing results, worth it?

My gas and bloating was so really bad when a doctor suggested I go wheat free. I was wearing non-fitted dresses and almost ready to buy size 14 pants because my stomach was so distended and I didn’t like anything tight around my stomach. After going wheat-free I had to go out and buy a new wardrobe! I was wearing size 8 pants and could tuck in shirts and wear a belt! I was amazed. Also, I was no longer passing gas that could make your eyes water.

I’d love to hear some of your stories about what happened when you stopped eating wheat. 🙂


Dr. Stephen Wangen is the award winning author of “Healthier Without Wheat: A New Understanding of Wheat Allergies, Celiac Disease, and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance.” He is co-founder and Medical Director of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Center (, the first clinic of its kind in the nation, and he is an internationally recognized speaker and writer. Gluten intolerant himself, he hasn’t touched gluten for 18 years and has lived dairy-free for 12.

RATS: Dr. Wangen’s Treatment Center is in SEATTLE, Washington

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