Did You Know — do you care :) #2

iris close up_3230Updated: 6/9/13

1. Did your potato chips run immediately following a run of gluten-containing food? I never would have thought of that!

2. FOR BEGINNERS: The Gluten Intolerance Group of N.A. (GIG) is an excellent resource providing information, education
and a variety of programs that support those with gluten intolerance. GIG has a useful stepwise program available on their website — www.gluten.net.

3. Have you ever heard of BONE SOUP? You cook down bones (chicken or whatever) and the broth you make is highly
nutritious and easily absorbable.

4. If there is one way to strengthen a cold–give it OJ and sugar. It will surely stay for weeks instead of days!

5. IBS is the second leading cause of worker absenteeism; 2nd only to the common cold.

6. One of the most important supplements you can take is a probiotic —Dr. Mercola (these are his own products) —mercola.com.

7. The pasteurized versions of “probiotic” yogurts in grocery stores—since they are pasteurized—they will be associated with all the problems of pasteurized milk products. They contain added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, dyes and artificial sweeteners.

8. Neurons in the gut manufacture most of the serotonin in a healthy body—not the head!

9. Over-farming, excessive application of pesticides and insecticides; and the use of genetically modified seeds often create more allergenic and less nutrient-dense foods.

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