Web Site – Gluten Doctor in ATLANTA!

I came across this web site while googling for gluten free mall. I cannot wait to delve into this web site!

It’s Atlanta Gluten Doctor!

Here’s the first paragraph on his web site:

The evils of GLUTEN!

What if your path to a better quality life is avoiding food that is killing you and your family?

Gluten is one of the biggest culprits in causing chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, and Irritable Bowel that I see in my office.  Therefore, it is EXTREMELY important to be tested properly for gluten sensitivity.  People who have chronic health issues may have already been tested for gluten and the results may have came back negative;  the problem is that most methods of testing for gluten traditionally done from saliva or stool may only test for alpha gliadin and 1 isomer of transglutaminase, but many people can react to any of the 10 other particles of the breakdown of gluten, including wheat germ agglutinin. In our office, we run a food sensitivity test from a lab called Cyrex Labs which tests all components of wheat and gluten as well as 24 other foods that may be cross-reactive.

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