Drink your sunblock?

I came across this article on Natural Vitality Livings web site. You will have to tell me how good it tastes because I don’t do ginger. I’ve been juicing for about a month and have not enjoyed any drink with ginger in it. I know it’s good for digestion and your stomach, but I’ll have to get help somewhere else!

2 Tbsp goji berries (available at natural products stores)
1½ cups water
1 tsp ginger root, freshly grated
½ lemon, juiced
Raw honey to taste (optional)
Soak goji berries in water for at least one hour to soften. Pour goji berries and soak water into a blender with remaining ingredients; blend on high until completely mixed.
Pour into a glass with plenty of ice and lemon slices.
Other super-antioxidant add-ins:
açaí berry powder,
vanilla bean,
raw cacao powder,
fresh peppermint,
golden raisins,
raw cranberries,
For more on Sarah Britton, visit her blog, My New Roots.

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