Where can I get off this roller coaster — new study on GMOs

While perusing my iGoogle news headlines this morning, I came across a peculiar (you like my big “p” words?) article about genetically engineered crops needing MORE pesticides!

poster-1280-cornfieldThe article is, “Confusingly, Crops Engineered To Not Need Chemicals End Up Making Us Use More Chemicals” from Fast Company.

The subtitle: Contrary to industry claims, a new report links our dependence on GMO crops to the spread of superweeds. And more herbicides.

Here’s the first two paragraphs: It’s one of the main sells on Monsanto’s website: “[Roundup agricultural herbicides] use on Roundup Ready crops has allowed farmers to conserve fuel, reduce tillage and decrease the overall use of herbicides.”

A new study out from consumer rights NGO Food and Water Watch demonstrates otherwise. Expanding on a Washington State University report put out last year by Dr. Charles Benbrook showing that GMO crops increased herbicide applications by 527 million pounds–and increased pesticide use by 11% overall in the last 16 years–Food and Water Watch’s analysis of USDA and EPA data links increased use of GMO crops to the spread of herbicide-resistant superweeds. Read more…

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