Check this out — Aquafarm!


Once again from Fast Co.Exist comes a new great idea for home fish tank ala herb garden! It’s called Aquatank!

A DIY home aquaponics kit dubbed the AquaFarm, should drive home that message, propelling the company from one-hit eco-wonder into a broader ecosystem of offerings. Aquaponics, of course, is the increasingly popular science of sustainable growing that ties fish and vegetable farming together. In most operations planters sit atop fish beds of tilapia; the water and fish waste help hydrate and fertilize the plants, which help filter and clean the tank itself. Eventually, it’s all harvested for consumption. AquaFarm mimics that on a cute desk-top scale. Chic planters grow small batches of wheatgrass, basil and lettuce atop a fishbowl containing a more decorative, for-demonstration-purposes-only beta fish. Read More….

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