New kind of APPs could revolutionize how we choose doctors and make appointments!

I looked around the Fast Company web site today after publishing the post on superweeds causing GMO crops needing more pesticides. This article stood out for me:

poster-1280-pills2An App To Let You Take Control Of Your Health Care Data
Instead of waiting for doctor visits, Aetna’s new CarePass app will correlate all your health data to try to give you a picture of your health and what you can do to make it better.

Here’s the first two paragraphs to get you interested 🙂

Much technological disruption to the health care industry has come from startups with an outside perspective: for example, ZocDoc, which has transformed the way people find new doctors; InQuicker, which lets people reserve a spot in line at an emergency room; Mango, which gamifies the routine chore of taking daily meds, and countless other new startups and apps that we’ve profiled (and tens of thousands more that we haven’t).

However, a new tech initiative at Aetna is an example of innovation and disruption from within. The company recently announced its plans to offer a health care app called CarePass which would help its customers monitor their own health care data. Read more…

More links for the above apps (which take you to the iTunes Store).

For you computer and Android users, here you go:

web:   Android:  😦     This web site seems great. The iTunes app has no reviews because it’s too new.

web: InQuicker       Android:  😦     This web site has a lot and so does the iTunes app. Much more established.

web: Mango             Android:  😦     I only found review articles on Mango. Reviewers, only a few, do NOT like this app YET.

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