Wonderful GF soups, sauces & gravy mixes–oh my!

Full Flavor Foods

I have been wanting creamy soups to replace my Campbell’s creamy chicken soup or creamy onion soup for sauce bases and casseroles. I can make them myself, but I’d rather not. Yesterday at the GF & allergen free expo, a company named FULL FLAVOR FOODS has got my seal of approval.

Their cheese sauce was wonderful. My husband is in love with sausage biscuit gravy. He loved it!

My only problem is that the soup packets are $2.00+ and the sauces are about $3.25. Kinda steep for my budget, but I’ll pay it if I’m really craving fettuccine alfredo!


Gluten Free Wellness Event – May 5, 2013 – Gwinnett Center


I totally intend on going to this event. How about you?

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