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It is important that people being checked for coeliac disease need to still be eating gluten in their diet. If they cut gluten out of their diet (eg. trial a gluten free diet) before being properly diagnosed, they can reduce their chances of being diagnosed, as the villi/lining can start to repair. If the camera is then inserted to take the samples for biopsy, but the person has already started the diet, the biopsies might show to be normal – but this may not be an accurate result – it could be false as it may be repaired.  Therefore, all people who look suspicious for coeliac disease (eg. have symptoms, etc) should still be eating gluten whilst being investigated by their doctor(s).

GI care 4 kidsAll people diagnosed with coeliac disease are encouraged to join an association or society or support group. A couple I found are: Coeliac Sprue Association or Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, GI Care for Kids, to name a few. They are a valuable source of support and new food product information. Members receive a quarterly magazine, handbook and ingredients book. Events such as cooking demonstrations, group dietitian sessions, children’s camps, and social evenings are regularly offered. As information about the gluten-free diet can change over time, maintaining membership of the Coeliac Society should be for the long-term, to ensure ongoing access to up-to-date information.

The above information came from the shepherdworks.com website. There’s a LOT more information there to read.

Soup that’ll warm your heart!

I came across this web site and thought I’d share it with you,  http://m.diabetes.org/food-and-fitness/food/what-can-i-eat/

Have a wonderful day. Wherever you live, soup is always a great rainy/cold day meal. I have a recipe that is wonderful and easy to make. This recipe came from our church music director eons ago and the soup still tastes good. I don’t know how it lasts for eons though!!!!


Betty Doss’ Soup

* in a large stew pot, put 2 lbs. of lean ground chuck–use spatula to chop up to brown. When done, add one large chopped onion. Cover and let onions be thoroughly steamed.

* Betty’s recipe called for cooking Okra in butter (YUCK)

* My altered recipe uses a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and I add barley. (WARNING for Celiacs–you’ll have to use some other protein like lima beans or a few lentils, and also rice).

* Add the cooked meat together with the vegetables in at least 3-4 cups of water (you can add a beef bullion or Lipton onion soup mix. You really can add anything to this soup and it’ll still taste awesome.

* Cook until the vegetables are (4 IBS-constipation–vy. mushy) or whatever you choose. Then add a large bottle of Heinz catsup (start with 20 oz and go from there) and Worcestershire sauce as desired. If you wish, you can add the catsup earlier in the cooking process, but if there are beans in your recipe, the tomatoes will really slow down their cooking time.

NOTE TO DIABETICS and anyone wishing to not consume high fructose corn syrup: Hands down, Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup (Also known as Heinz One Carb Tomato Ketchup) is the best low carb ketchup you can buy today. With one carb per tablespoon, it’s sweetened with sucralose instead of sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

This soup is supposed to last for 2 weeks in the fridge (it doesn’t last that long in my house) and freezes well.

Make some cornbread and you have a delicious, filling meal. Bon a petit 😉

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