Wheat Belly Cookbook — NOT IBS FRIENDLY

wheat belly cookbook

Okay, I’ve gone through this book. I wish I loved it, but this book is NOT IBS FRIENDLY. Dr. Davis’ core grains include golden flax seed meal and bean flours. Not only that, but he likes cabbage as a replacement for mashed potatoes and he really likes using cheese. I don’t blame him. If I could eat dairy and beans, I’d probably love these recipes. I did find a couple I want to make–so I cannot attest to how his recipes taste–like his LEMON–POPPY SEED PANCAKES, TERIYAKI MEATBALLS & CARROT MUFFINS.

I’d love to know how others feel about his recipes.

Do you need help converting recipes?

Please let me help. I love to help people and I believe I have enough knowledge to convert regular recipes for whatever issue you have. If not, I will find out. I noticed that GlutenFreeGus.com has also stated she will help anyone convert a recipe.


Have a wonderful day… 🙂 Jan

Insoluble Fibers (not IBS-friendly)

whole wheat

wheat bran





whole beans














apples (safe if peeled)




lettuce & all greens

green beans

bell peppers











brussel sprouts




fresh herbs


These foods CAN be eaten successfully, just NOT on an empty stomach.

Eat in small portions, always with soluble fiber

Cook, chop, puree insoluble fiber to make it safer.

I read somewhere that if you want to eat a salad; DON’T eat it before your meal, eat it after 🙂

Practice Creative Substitution (#10 IBS eating commandments)

My absolute favorite “treat” I’ve created is made with any variety of white rice. I make it with vegetable broth and when done, I liberally sprinkle it with California Garlic Salt (McCormick) and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese! I can, and do a lot, eat it every day!

I’ve also found spaghetti squash. That stuff is wonderful. It gets its name because once it’s cooked, it comes out in long strips. I can eat it with nothing on it or I add spaghetti sauce. Either way it’s a win-win!

I would love to hear from others, what favorite IBS-friendly food you eat.

10 Commandments of eating for IBS

This list is taken from http://www.helpforibs.com as part of Heather’s IBS Diet Cheat Sheet.

1. ALWAYS eat soluble fiber first, eat soluble fiber whenever your stomach is empty, and make soluble fiber fods the largest component of every meal and snack.

2. Minimize your fat intake to 25% of your diet, max. Focus on heart-healthy monounsaturated oils. Read labels and ask at restaurants.

3. Never eat high fat foods, even in small portions, on an empty stomach or without soluble fiber. Better still, don’t eat them at all.

4. Eliminate all triggers–red meat, dairy, fried foods, egg yolks, coffee, carbonation, soda pop, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol.

5. Never eat insoluble fiber on an empty stomach, in large quantities at one sitting, or without soluble fiber. Cook, chop, or puree insoluble fiber foods to make them safer.

6. Eat small portions frequently, calmly, and leisurely.

7. If you’re unsure about something, DON’T EAT IT. It’s not worth the risk.

8. Food is fun and eating should be pleasurable. Take the time and make the effort to eat safely, and then enjoy yourself.

9.  Remember that you have absolute and total control over your diet. No one can force you to eat something you know you shouldn’t.

10. Practice creative substitution, not deprivation. Use soy or rice replacements for dairy, two egg whites to replace a whole egg, try low-fat vegetarian versions of meat products or use skinless chicken breasts and seafood, replace some oil with fruit purees in breads or cakes, use veggie broth instead of oil in sauces, bake with cocoa powder (it’s fat free) instead of solid chocolate. Use herbs, baking extracts (vanilla, peppermint, almond, etc.) and mild spices generously to heighten flavors.

IBS diet – recipe NOTE:

Since we cannot eat veggies unless they’re just about the consistency of baby food, make your rice with veggie broth.

I really like Whole Foods’ 365 veggie broth. It doesn’t have a tomato base and you really cannot tell the taste difference in the rice. I love eating the rice with garlic salt and parmesan cheese. HHHHMMMM!

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