DID YOU KNOW? – things I wish I didn’t know about whats in our food

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White vinegar or just plain vinegar is typically distilled, and if so, are gluten-free.
Distilled vinegar can be distilled from wheat, corn, potatoes, beets, wood, apples, and many other things. Most in the U.S. are not made from wheat, but are instead made from corn, potatoes or wood, which are all CGCF safe. (Heinz white vinegar is distilled from corn). Distilled vinegar made from wood is gluten-free.

Wood-based vinegar is often the vinegar used in processed foods.
(Oh, wonderful–another reason to buy processed foods!)

Flavored vinegars are made with white distilled vinegar, to which favorings are then added.
They may not be gluten-free.

Malted vinegars are usually not gluten-free.

Red and white wine and balsamic vinegars are gluten free.

I buy Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar  http://bragg.com/products/bragg-organic-apple-cider-vinegar.html


Most all commercially available gelatins, including Knox powder and Jell-o are made from beef
(who knew!). There are many foods that also contain beef-derived gelatin such as marshmallows and vitamin capsules!


Powdered sugar contains corn starch 😦

Canola oil is used in biofuel product 🙂

Missing wheat bread–well, NO MORE…


At the Gluten & allergen free Expo held yesterday in Atlanta, I tasted some of the most wonderful breads, cakes, pizza, etc. I’ve had since going gluten free. The BEST BREAD I had yesterday was from Pure Knead. You cannot shop on-line yet and they don’t have their bakery open to the public. They do sell through certain stores around the Atlanta area.


Gluten Free Apps: Restaurant Finder, Product Information…


Updated: June 27, 2013

I reviewed this app again yesterday. It is FREE at iTunes and Android Marketplace.
The iTunes app is Find Me Gluten Free. As is the Android app Find me Gluten Free.

I still stand by what I wrote here originally, but with some adendum.

This is an information packed little app that I suspect we’ll have to pay for in the not-too-distant future.
This app finds restaurants NEAR YOU that serve gluten free items.
It also gives you a list of restaurants and if their kitchens are truly gluten free of if there’s a possibility of cross-contamination.
You will find recipes, current news, a barcode scanner, products and companies that make gluten-free products and even a thumbs up or down to give you an indication before you buy how other consumers feel about the product!

I was in Chattanooga yesterday and there was one other time going home from Macon where I tried this app and others. I was frustrated. It listed a whole lot of restaurants nearby but I didn’t know if they were behind us on the highway or in front of us. 😦 Yesterday, I knew they were around us. You can get directions to a restaurant, but you leave the app and have to re-choose the app to get back to restaurants.

So, IMHO, this IS a good app and will be better in the future when they finally finish it. I don’t believe it’s good while you’re traveling the highways. I believe it’s best use is when you are at home, visiting friends or are traveling and want to know what is nearby the hotel.

iExitRoad AheadMy husband had an app that intrigued me. It is called. iTunes iEXIT ($0.99). Android iExit ($0.99).

It shows icons for food, gas, hotels, ect. at EVERY off ramp on your highway. So, if you want a specific restaurant that you’ve found on FIND ME GF, then you can locate it on iEXIT. iEXIT costs $0.99 on iTunes. NOTE: don’t waste your time with iExit Lite. It hasn’t been updated since 2011.

Another FREE app I found last night and haven’t had a chance to put it to use is Road Ahead.
iTunes version: Road Ahead  and sorry, no Android version 😦

Happy traveling 🙂

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